Thoughts and things

I'm going to try to add to this often, even if it's just a weird thing I thought of today


Aug 27 - "a freudian slip is when you say one thing but fuck your mother"

Aug 25 - Why is it that specific songs, images, hell even objects invoke overpowering emotions? one song that has a deep meaning for me is 'Wintersleep' by Tennyson. it always puts me into a bit of a low-hanging mood, mainly because I listened to it a lot when I realized what my identity was. that was almost 5 months ago.

Aug 24 - It was fun seeing some of my friends today. We all went to go get food then we all went to one's bachelor's pad--if you want to call it that--and watched weird/ytp/cursed videos until like 11ish. I can't help think that I've lost so many friends and people just due to life circumstances, but also just due to my ignorance.

Aug 23 - I'm sorry, but I don't know if I can, or will, ever talk to you again. You burned that bridge by becoming condensending and not realizing that the egocentrism that we've all warned you about finally got to you for good. I don't appreciate being lectured on "coming out as bisexual" even though you're nowhere near the expert in the subject. I didn't even want to come out as trans to you just because I knew it'll cause another confrontation on why "I am in the wrong for not telling you sooner." Goodbye. [If you're reading this, it's not directed at you. fyi]

Aug 22 - I know I don't show it but I am extremely grateful for my friends.

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